1. Bachelor of Science in Agriculture [B.Sc. Ag. Honours ]

The examination for degree of Bachelor of Science in Agriculture, shall consists of eight semester , with intake capacity of 420 seats in each class.

Every candidate for B.Sc. Ag. Honours degree shall be required to pass in the all compulsory subjects according to syllabus.

  1. The tenure of study for the degree of Bachelor of Science in Agriculture shall be spreading over four academic calendar years and in each academic session (July to June), there shall be two semesters, each ordinarily of 20 weeks with 80 instructional days excluding the examination days and semester break. An academic calendar giving specific dates for admission , registration, examination etc may be decided and declared by the University before start of the session.
  2. The examination shall be conducted by means of written , practical , sessional and project / field reports (in case of RAWE during the VIII semester ).
  3. The candidates are required to pass separately in the theory , practical and sessional work and in the evaluation of project report in case RAWE VIIIth semester.
  4. The candidates have option of answering question through medium of the Hindi (Dev Nagari Script) or English.
  5. A candidate who passes all the subjects as prescribed in the scheme of examination of each semester and has secured a minimum of 35% marks in the aggregate will be declared to have passed and the division will be assigned as under : 1st Division : 60 per cent and above. 2nd Division : 45 per cent and above but below 60 per cent. 3rd Division : 35 per cent and above but below 45 per cent.

2. Basic Teacher Training Course(B.T.C.) / D.El.Ed.

Introduction: Outline of B.T.C. (Two years) Syllabus. Keeping in mind the present needs, expectations, child psychology, learning-writing process and child psychological view, and the quality improvement of elementary education, new teaching-methodologies, techniques, academic innovation and current contents have been included in B.T.C. two year syllabus.

Outline of Syllabus:

B.T.C. two years syllabus has been divided into four semesters. There will be two semesters in first year and two in second years. Each semester will be of six months. (Minimum 120 days of teaching and 10 days for examination). Semester wise subject division table – In every semester there will be two theoretical papers and one subject paper and one month internship. They are –

I Semester      II SemesterIII SemesterIV Semester  
Theoretical subject  
Child development and process of learning (Edu-01)  Present Indian society and elementary education (Edu-03)  Academic evaluation action research and innovation (Edu-05)  Language reading/ writing and development of Mathematical efficiency at elementary level (Edu-07)  
Principle of teaching learning (Edu-02)  New efforts in elementary education (Edu-04)  Integrated education (Edu-06)  Educational Management and administration (Edu-08)  
General subject  
Science  Science  Science  Science  
Mathematics  Mathematics  Mathematics  Mathematics  
Social Studies  Social Studies  Social Studies  Social Studies  
Hindi  Hindi  Hindi  Hindi  
Sanskrit/Urdu  English  Sanskrit/Urdu  English  
Computer Education  Socially useful Productive work  Computer Education  Peace Education and continuous Development  
Art/Music/ Physical education, Health education (Theoretical/ Practical)  Art/Music/ Physical education, Health education (Theoretical/ Practical)  Art/Music/ Physical education, Health education (Theoretical/ Practical)  Art/Music/ Physical education, Health education (Theoretical/ Practical)  
Internship  Internship  Internship  Internship  

Any subject from Art/Music /Physical Education/ Health Education will be chosen by trainees in each semester and evaluation of these subjects and socially useful productive work will be done by the subject teacher. There will be no written or oral examination of these subjects.